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J o s é C h i q u i t o

Podcast Host & Producer

José was born in Mexico and has lived in Goshen, IN since he was three years old. On a high school trip to the Florida Keys, he discovered a passion for the environment upon learning that the Keys could disappear in his lifetime. Now studying Sustainability Studies at Goshen College, he hopes that Ecotiva can be a way to activate young people to move the Midwest forward in deterring the effects of Climate Change. He is hopeful for a better, greener future in the Midwest.


M a r b e l l a C h á v e z

Podcast Host

Marbella, also known as Bella, was born in Chicago and relocated with her family to Elkhart, IN at the age of 10. Bella graduated from Indiana University Bloomington in 2017 with a Bachelors of Science in Microbiology. Marbella is passionate about equitable healthcare, science, and organizing community-driven efforts to drive positive change for all. While she has not always been in touch with Mother Nature, she wishes to learn and become more eco-conscious and is proud to be a part of this Collective to grow with others.

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M a n d i r a P a n t a

Podcast Host

Mandira was born in Kavre, Nepal and moved to the capital city when she was two. She has always been enthusiastic about being outdoors-camping, hiking, and going for long walks. She decided to combine her fascination with the natural world with her desire to understand complex problems, and create positive changes for environmental sustainability. Currently, she is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Sustainability Studies at Goshen College, IN.