Marketing Team

The creatives on the Marketing Team are the ones responsible for making our information visually accessible and easy to understand.

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S a m a n t h a C a m a c h o

Social Media Director & Media Editor

Samantha was born and raised in Goshen, IN. One of her greatest passions is seeing the world up close and personal. In her travels, aside from seeing different people and different landscapes, she has been inspired by the unique conditions of each new place. Sam has grown to better appreciate her life in the U.S. and hopes to reinvest in her community by drawing from her experiences to motivate youth to take better care of their communities and landscapes.

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A l e x a G o n z á l e z V a l d e z

Media Director

Alexa was born in Aguascalientes, Mexico and was raised in Goshen, IN. She loves connecting with people through coffee, music, and photography. Currently she is studying Marketing and Advertising at Indiana University South Bend. After completing her undergraduate studies, she will pursue a career in art production in Chicago or New York City.